This dissertation asks whether community focused architecture is an effective tool in enabling social ecological systems. This research is answered through a series of interviews with professionals involved with production of housing. The participants are all from organisations that offer an approach to architecture based upon the mutual benefit of others and are not concerned solely with making a profit. The interviews are based around four topics; (1) the ethos, beliefs and motivations of the organisation, (2) community engagement: consultation and participation with the community in the development of architecture, (3) social engagement: encouraging and creating community, (4) Development: looking at the past and (potential) development of the project.
The findings implied that there should be meaningful participation and engagement between all parties involved within a project; from the architects and designers to the communities it will affect. Furthermore, Architects and other professionals should try to enable and empower communities to collectively work together.

Is Community Focused Architecture an Effective Tool in Enable Ecological Systems in built-up areas?  _ Daniel Cutler

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